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In the Classroom

Frequently Asked Questions


How do I book a session?

Contact me via email and I can let you know my availability. We'll then set up an informal chat around your requirements (on the phone or on Google Meet), set a time for our first session and go from there!

Where do you hold your tutoring sessions?

I prefer tutoring online, as it allows for much greater flexibility for everyone involved - plus I love using technology in my teaching and have lots of experience doing so! Sessions take place on Google Meet and I use a variety of platforms in each session to give my students an experience as close to face-to-face teaching as possible.

For example, we might work on a shared whiteboard or a shared Google Doc to work through questions and to facilitate quick and effective feedback.

Do you have a teaching qualification?

Yes, I do! I completed my PGCE at the University of Oxford in 2019, then worked as a full time teacher for two years at a local secondary school. I am currently teaching A Level Biology part time at a sixth form college.

I also have a CELTA qualification for teaching English as a foreign language to adults.

How do I pay you?

I am happy to accept the following payment methods:
- Bank transfer
- PayPal
- Cash

Do you offer free trial sessions?

Sadly I am unable to offer free trial sessions, but I am of course happy to have an informal chat to discuss your requirements before we begin.

What happens in the sessions?

That depends entirely on what my student wants! If you have an exam coming up and want focused revision on certain topics. we can do that. If you want to work through past papers, we can do that. If you want me to go through tricky topics with you from scratch, we can do that. 

I typically work on my iPad, writing rough notes, drawing diagrams, guiding you through each topic - but don't expect a lecture! I want my students to be actively involved, so expect a lot of questioning and a lot of time spent thinking independently about problems.

I also use other online platforms, like shared whiteboards and Google Docs to work on things collaboratively with my students.

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